I build these watches on my own.
I have a small business and produce very little series.
The case is aluminum alloy turned, milled and hard anodized.
Its light and tough.
The other parts ( rings and screws) are made of stainless steel.
The movement is Seagull St 36, hand winding.
I love these movements, they are simple, tough and good working for a long time.
I'm buying the parts as dial, hands, crown and tubes.
( it is a hobby project )
The watches are water resistant, but not for swimming and diving.
Diameter is 51mm without the rings.
Height is 17 mm.

Bottom and top are mineral glass 1.5 mm thick.

Also available with stainless steel back.

It comes with a simple Nylon natostrap and can be combined

with any other nato or zulu strap in 22mm or 24 mm  you like.

The timepice is made with passion, simple machines and hand tools.

You will see it, and feel it.

The price is 350 Euro plus shipping cost